[EPUB] ↠ The Boat Rocker | by ↠ Ha Jin
Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PMBy Ha Jin

From the universally admired, award winning author of Waiting and War Trash an urge.
  • Title: The Boat Rocker
  • Author: Ha Jin
  • ISBN: 9780307911629
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Hardcover


Ron Charles Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
Americans already held little respect for journalists before this presidential campaign dragged their faith to all time lows But for all our grousing about bias, corporate concentration and the eye crossing inanity of what passes for news, the First Amendment still allows us to express ourselves with a presumption of freedom unimaginable to many people around the world The question of how that precious liberty should be exercised has never seemed pertinent.How timely, then, to read this strange [...]
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Miri Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
I hated every page of this book.I started hopefully, because I was intrigued by Waiting and have been wanting to read Ha Jin s other books for a long time But my hackles went up on the first page in the second paragraph and I only got and suspicious until finally it was confirmed I finished the book, because when I hate something like this I need to know that nothing changes toward the end that might have influenced my opinion It didn t.There are minor issues with the book, like the fact that [...]
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Kkraemer Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
Feng Danlin is an expatriate Chinese living in New York He s recently received his new American passport He has an American girlfriend, and he s absolutely, completely Chinese at heart There s no way he can let go of the things that irk him about China its government, its culture of corruption, its unpredictability, its disregard for the individual, or what he misses about home its wonderful food, its provinces, its peopleey all haunt him.When his former wife writes a terrible novel that is slat [...]
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Bonnie Walker Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
DisappointingHa Jin is the author of two of my favorite books Waiting and War Trash I ve read most of his other work and was excited to see he had written a new novel The writing in A Boat Rocker is as good as ever and so the book is pleasant reading What I could not get past was the plot which I can only describe as ludicrous This book would have been good, even great, had the conflict been about something that made sense The Chinese journalist who is the protagonist is assigned a story that in [...]
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thewanderingjew Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
The Boat Rocker, Ha Jin, author Edoardo Ballerini, narratorFeng Danlin and Yan Haili, were married in China He was an unsophisticated, aspiring author, and she turned out to be a scheming young woman who also imagined herself as a writer, He loved her and believed her love for him was sincere Since both partners in a marriage were not allowed to leave China together, she left for America first After a couple of years, he insisted she bring him over In China, his superior at work was inferior to [...]
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Ed Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
Feng Danlin, the protagonist of The Boat Rocker is not only an extremely unreliable narrator but is portrayed as a self righteous prig with an outsize sense of himself He thinks he is and doesn t hesitate to tell others a truthful journalist in the midst of a universe of scoundrels and liars He is a person we may have met, read an article by or heard on the media the only one who knows what is going on the world, who has the real story At the same time he is an admirable character, one who is wi [...]
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ristubasan Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
The central plot structure involves a journalist being assigned to report on demolish the reputation of his ex wife Somehow that basic conflict of interest is never called into question, and so throughout the book I struggled to find sympathy for the narrator, who feels victimized first by his ex and later by the Chinese state through his ex I also didn t find the writing style to my liking, and all too often the opinions of the narrator seemed a thinly veiled opportunity to comment on Chinese p [...]
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Mary Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
Abandoned The plot is silly Chinese reporter decides to do an expose of his ex wife s upcoming novel about which she has made patently false claims The author uses this novel as a vehicle to explore media relations and censorship in China today It s an interesting topic but I d rather read an article about it than wade through this ridiculous story.
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Lori Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
I really disliked the authors writing style it felt very amateurish to me The saving grace was some thought provoking philosophical topics about values and identity.
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Stephen Douglas Rowland Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
Interesting, a scorching political diatribe, but anticlimactic and, in the end, a bit underwhelming.
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Alena Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
This book just didn t work for me right now I ve moved on.
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Alexander Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
This would have been better as a series of essays rather than a novel Ha Jin has plenty of interesting things to say about the Chinese diaspora, the concept of a fatherland, and the relationship between a country and its government But here they are packaged in a weak novel populated by two dimensional characters whose conversations serve only to express Ha Jin s thoughts on the subjects listed above The pretense of a storyline and half hearted character development were unnecessary.
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Dawn Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
I was initially drawn to The Boat Rocker because it involved the world of publishing and honest reporting an idea in and of itself that sounded intriguing and from the summary sounded full of fun and humor.While I didn t find much out loud humor, the tone of The Boat Rocker is definitely light, poking fun in several places and drawing a smile here and there But although there is some fun, this is not a fluffy read it s thoughtful and makes a person think I enjoyed Chinese expatriate Feng Danlin [...]
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Lily MacKenzie Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
The Boat Rocker Rocks As a writer, it s impossible for me to read other authors works without examining how they create their best effects For some time, I had wanted to read one of Ha Lin s novels I knew that English wasn t his native language, but he seems to have mastered it well enough to receive the National Book Award, two PEN Faulkner Awards, the PEN Hemingway Foundation Award, the Asian American Literary Award, and the Flannery O Connor Award for Short Fiction Native speakers would have [...]
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Lisa Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
Born and educated in China, Ha Jin completed post graduate studies in the US and has made a career of writing about China in English I read his A Map of Betrayal a while ago, and came to the conclusion that the plentiful awards this writer has won, are in sympathy with his relentlessly anti Chinese position than for his skill in writing I found aspects of A Map of Betrayal unconvincing, and The Boat Rocker similarly flawed The occasional awkwardness of Ha Jin s writing is signalled by the title [...]
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Judith Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
This author won the National Book Award for his novel Waiting and perhaps I should have read that one first I found this one boring and couldn t finish it The writing seemed, not stilted, but like a bad translation I didn t care for any of the characters, least of all the hero who is described as a fiercely principled reporter with a dogged quest for truth But I saw him as a petty man pursuing a vendetta against his ex wife She was a real creep too and deserved whatever she got It s tough to car [...]
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Sandy Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
I really wanted to like this book but it read like a bad translation although it was written in English The plot seemed really unbelievable also Why would anyone care about a badly written book about 9 11 I didn t get it.
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Mary Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
p 32 On China Policy Don t assume you can get away with your hostility against China We don t forget seeing such tactics was what had prompted some China hands hears ago, in both Europe and the States, to advise their governments not to criticize China for its reprehensible human rights record Just do business with the Chinese and make as much money as you can, they argued Once capitalism has taken root in that country, a strong middle class will emerge and democracy will be on its way Now we al [...]
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BaiLing Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
E.M pp.185 186 p.266 12 Ps.
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Jack Rochester Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
First, I loved the title It immediately captured my interest and reminded me of the song, Rock the Boat by the Hues Corporation Second, I am a huge fan of Ha Jin s novels, especially Waiting a few years ago I ve read it twice for its penetrating, anguishing, view into the hearts and minds of two people who, separated by circumstances both of their own making as well as beyond their control, cannot be together Third, I m a boat rocker too.The author has written in a very different setting with Th [...]
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Thurston Hunger Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
If you enjoy the sense of estrangement between a man and the women in his life, as well as a man and his country, this book delivers This is my third Ha Jin book his prose and his growing backlog remind me of Graham Greene a little Besides an efficient prose that helps propel the pages, I feel like Ha Jin s stories hit my Antonioni bone The relationships with women are essential, mysterious and ephemeral, prone to pulling apart.Indeed the marriage between Feng Danlin and his Yan Haili is over be [...]
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Celia Kaltenbach-crotteau Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
This is a novel intended for thoughtful consideration, not mindless entertainment A young Chinese journalist in exile who prides himself on his uncompromising exposes finds that, in this global world, the claws of his birth country s communist government can extend as far as New York and influence, perhaps ruin, his life While protected physically as a new American citizen, he must grapple emotionally with his ties to a culture and its traditions versus the current power controlling that ancient [...]
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Mark Valentine Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
The title of Jin s novel indicates it will focus on a whistle blower and it does Danlin s platform as an investigative reporter for a Chinese language, American newspaper positions him to expose corruption as he sees it between relations of China and the United States.But I gleaned from my reading that it is also a novel about revenge and the risks of harboring resentments See, Danlin s ex wife has written a pulp romance that has received wide recognition and distribution on mainland China it ha [...]
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Karen GoatKeeper Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
Feng Danlin is a Chinese journalist working for a Chinese online newspaper in New York with a large Chinese and growing American audience and is a brand new U.S citizen He writes an investigative column.Haili Yan is Feng s ex wife and an aspiring novelist being touted by the Chinese as the author of a best selling, wonderful novel There will be a movie version.Feng has both personal and professional reasons for exposing the new novel as a fake propped up by lies The famous Chinese editor backed [...]
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CarolB Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
Of the books I ve read by Ha Jin, this is the least wistful and the most political We follow the crusade of a Chinese man, Danlin, who is a naturalized American and a journalist for a Chinese publication here He takes on his ex wife, who has written a shallow novel which is somehow being touted as the literary coup of the decade The Chinese government, it seems, has to power to make or break a book s success, and will use or allow the use of hyperbolic and misleading information, or downright al [...]
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A Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
I m pretty sure this book is an allegory, hopefully not to be taken word for word The characters are not real, but represent different Chinese born individuals who come to America to make their lives outside of China What baggage they bring and how seriously do they take themselves Feng Danlin is truly full of himself, to the point where he has no real perspective on what is happening around him He thinks that he is full of principle and is relentless in exposing his ex wife, who aspires to be a [...]
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Kumiko Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
The Boat Rocker follows Feng Danlin a Chinese journalist now living in the United States, where he works for a modest news agency He is tasked with reviewing and researching an up and coming novelist whose book is making waves the author also happens to be his ex wife.This was my first time reading Ha Jin s work, and I loved his style fluid and easy to read without sacrificing on depth The book s dark humour is complemented beautifully by Jin s attention to detail in bringing his characters and [...]
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April Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
This is a timely novel In The Boat Rocker, Feng Danlin, an independent Chinese journalist living in New York, becomes embroiled in a multinational, escalating political and economic power struggle as he tries to debunk a nearly laughable piece of fake news Danlin, an unlikely and at times unlikable hero, refuses to cower to intimidation efforts from Chinese and American businessmen and diplomats trying to silence him He does, however, pay the price for speaking truth to power The Boat Rocker ult [...]
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Bea Aug 04, 2020 - 23:45 PM
This wasn t the most intriguing book for me It was very interesting, learning how China publishes books and editorials from journalists, and how much control the government has Not everyone will like this book It is a little draggy as far as relationships go The protagonist is a Chinese immigrated to America and naturalized journalist who is writing scathing editorials about the book his ex wife is publishing in China I never did understand why China was pushing this bad romantic novel or why he [...]
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The Boat Rocker By Ha Jin From the universally admired, award winning author of Waiting and War Trash an urge.

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