Benjamin Fondane
READ AUDIOBOOK Û Exodus - by Benjamin Fondane
Feb 24, 2020 - 21:13 PMBy Benjamin Fondane

  • Title: Exodus
  • Author: Benjamin Fondane
  • ISBN: 9780888351012
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback


Laura Leaney Feb 24, 2020 - 21:13 PM
I was skimming around the internet last weekend Sunday afternoon to be exact when I happened upon a photograph of Benjamin Fondane It was one of those old black and whites from the thirties, and Fondane s hugely thick hair was brushed straight back off his head, his long neck swanning out of a zippered pull over He is looking off into the sun, misty hills behind him Very European Romanian as it happens And Jewish.There was something in the architecture of his face, the interesting v shaped eyebr [...]
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  • READ AUDIOBOOK Û Exodus - by Benjamin Fondane
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