Trixie Belden
Julie Campbell
[EPUB] ✓ Trixie Belden | By ê Julie Campbell
Feb 22, 2020 - 03:08 AMBy Julie Campbell

  • Title: Trixie Belden
  • Author: Julie Campbell
  • ISBN: 9780307088062
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback


Kathy Feb 22, 2020 - 03:08 AM
I absolutely adored these books growing up I came so close to selling my complete set at a garage sale when we were moving A lady made me an offerd I just could not do it They gave me so much pleasure reading them when I was in elementary school and discussing them with my best friendah, memories Not ashamed to admit I read them again as an adult I have two sons, who did not take to them, but I am thrilled that my nieces now borrow them and enjoy them Trixie is about as real a young girl as can [...]
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Laurel Feb 22, 2020 - 03:08 AM
I loved the Trixie Belden series, and read probably 30 of the books I d spend every spare minute reading these books when I was 11 12 years old I imagine they d still captivate the typical pre teen s imagination in this day and age Highly recommended
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Jessie Feb 22, 2020 - 03:08 AM
I don t even care that these books were written for 10 year old girls I still reread them over and over again and I won t deny it Innocent young love, and takes me an hour to read one Still love them Not ashamed.
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Czarina Licong Feb 22, 2020 - 03:08 AM
I ve been a fan of Trixie Belden and her never ending mystery cases since I was in elementary I don t remember what books I ve read or haven t read But from what I can remember, I did get my hands on almost all the series in my old school s library
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Kristy Moondaughter Feb 22, 2020 - 03:08 AM
These books were the defining books of my childhood Very innocent, but also has a main character that is independent, smart and models healthy friendships with both boys, girls and adults I can t compare it to Nancy drew because I never read Nancy Drew I want my daughter to read theses books.
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Robyn Feb 22, 2020 - 03:08 AM
This is where my love of historical fiction and saga series began.I used to save up every cent of my pocket money to buy these books and still have all 37 of them in my cupboard
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Deb Greening Feb 22, 2020 - 03:08 AM
Trixie and her brothers and friends introduced me to the world of mysteries probably when I was 8 or 9 I devoured the books and for my 25th birthday, my dad gave me the entire set, a very treasured gift These came long before Harry Potter, and instead of riding broomsticks, Trixie learned to ride horses All in all, a big part of my childhood, and I SO wanted to grow up to be Trixie
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Terri Feb 22, 2020 - 03:08 AM
This was the book that started me reading for fun It s probably not the first book my mother handed to me, but it s the one I remember as being the first one I read cover to cover As an eleven year old, it was the perfect starter to ignite my imagination.
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Staceyjones Feb 22, 2020 - 03:08 AM
This was my favourite series as a child I remember being absolutely heartbroken when I went to the bookstore to find they were no longer being published I have kept all of my books to pass to my daughter when she is ready.
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Beata Feb 22, 2020 - 03:08 AM
I loved Trixie Belden as a kid She kept up very late at night reading her mysteries.
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Adam K Feb 22, 2020 - 03:08 AM
Loved these books as a kid I read my sisters collection They weren t fashionable for boys, though that didn t bother me.
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S. Niehart Feb 22, 2020 - 03:08 AM
Loved these books as a girls I hope to share them with my grand daughter one day I use to save all my pennies and change until I could buy a new one lol.
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ReaderTurnedWriter Feb 22, 2020 - 03:08 AM
I read these all when I was a young girl and fell in love These are older books, but they are so well done, they seem timeless to me I love the friendships, the emphasis on families, and the adventures the kids go on I just love everything about it.
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Donna Feb 22, 2020 - 03:08 AM
I had such a good time getting lost in this book It took me FLYING back to my childhood It s corny by today s standard but if you want your kid to step back into some wholesome reading this would be a good title series to introduce them to I never got into Nancy Drew but sure did like Trixie Belden loved Cherry Ames.
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Lorraine Groom Feb 22, 2020 - 03:08 AM
I loved Trixie Belden, Di, Honey and all the others I read them over and over and over Must get my niece started on them.
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  • [EPUB] ✓ Trixie Belden | By ê Julie Campbell
    160 Julie Campbell
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